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Today I have a short poem that popped into my head while laying in bed the other night, trying desperately to fall asleep. The first couple of lines stuck in my head come morning and I let the rest of it flow from there.


The stars fell from the sky
leaving a blanket of velvet
dark as the deepest pits of the ocean
And as they rained down upon us
shards catching moonlight and twinkling
like snow falling in the deepest parts of winter
crusting the world in their icy shine
The moon began its decent
dropping through the velvet
to join its children upon the Earth
and bathe the darkest parts in its glow
Sifting through the stardust
a place was cleared
atop a mountain high
to hold the moon for all to see
No one looked to the sky any longer
everything to see was upon the Earth
ever preserved in shining stardust
The moon was worshiped once more


© Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.


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