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That Smell

This is a snippet of some character development I am doing for a novel I am working on, written from the perspective of a terminally ill patient. It is loosely based on a friend who has Cystic Fibrosis. Hospitals have a certain smell; latex, ammonia, and the stench of fear and sadness. Stale coffee. Fabric… Continue reading That Smell

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On The Edge Of The Limelight

This is the opening scene from the novel I began writing in November for NaNoWriMo. I finished the month of November with upwards of 70,000 words and have since added another 30,000. I am almost finished the first draft! Pretty excited about that fact. Enjoy!   BEEEEEEEEEEP. BEEEEEEEEEEEP. BEEEEEEEEEEEP. The alarm startled Miranda awake. The gloomy… Continue reading On The Edge Of The Limelight

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Fantasy novel excerpt

I started writing a fantasy trilogy back when I was in University, and this is an excerpt from the first book. For a while it looked like it may get published but things fell through and due to the frustration I kind of tucked the books away and haven’t done much with them since. Book… Continue reading Fantasy novel excerpt

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Disappearing Act

This story was written sometime around 2005-2006 for a creative writing class, where we did an exercise in class that could be dialogue only. I had written a conversation- an argument really, between this girl and her mother, and then expanded it into a shorty story after. I have since expanded it to novella length, though… Continue reading Disappearing Act

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The Girl That Walked Into the Sea

Today is just a sample of one of the various snippets of stories that pop into my head at random. I wrote this upon waking the other morning. I think it could be a larger story, but I kind of like it as a slice of micro-fiction. The girl that walked into the sea haunted… Continue reading The Girl That Walked Into the Sea

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Ad Absurdum

This story is one of my oldest that I still have a digital copy of. I wrote the original story, I believe, for an English class assignment in grade 12. It has been edited and expanded for a project the following year in University, and this version dates back to 2005. Enjoy!   I awoke… Continue reading Ad Absurdum